Alban Berg: Violin Concerto, B.A. Zimmermann, Arnold Schönberg, Violin Concerto (live)

This recording is from 1985, the commemoration year of Berg’s hundredth birthday and fiftieth anniversary of his death. I played the work a few times that year, among others with the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg and the Staatskapelle Berlin. Unfortunately, there were still some revisions of the musical text that were not public or verified at the time, thus I am playing the old version, so to speak. It comforts me that the small changes that are common today hardly play an artistic role in the overall concept and that old warhorses, headed by Louis Krasner and Igor Ozim, were sceptical about the revisions for a number of reasons. And what had even Schönberg once written to his relative and proofreader Greissle, who pointed out to him an error in the twelve-tone row: “So what?

As a counterbalance, I play the four-part canon solo, for which Berg offers a simplified variant for two players. That was my desire. Adorno rightly writes that one could meditate endlessly on this canon. His remarks about the work are highly recommendable and surprisingly practical.

For the concerts of Zimmermann and Schönberg see the separate publications above in the menu.

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