After so many years of continuous teaching (see biography), only postgraduate studies are offered at the Mozarteum University Salzburg: https://www.uni-mozarteum.at/de/studium/sr.php?nr=110&c=2. Furthermore, intensive lessons with various emphasis are offered privately:

  • Before concerts
  • Competitions
  • Recordings
  • Auditions

Trouble shooting for professional musicians and amateurs:

  • Diagnosis/therapy:
  • Technical questions, habits, controversies,
  • “second opinion”
  • Body posture and adjustment of the instrument
  • Breathing techniques
  • Sound formation
  • Fundamental questions of interpretation and style

Coaching for groups and individuals.
Introduction to New Music and its playing techniques.
Didactic supervision for teachers, preparation of teaching assignments.

Further information about lessons can be requested via the “Contact” button.