Richard Dünser: Violin Concerto


AKM Wien

Österreichische Musik der Gegenwart 830 002-2


ORF- Recording of the world premiere, Bregenz Festival (live)

Wiener Symphoniker. Donald C. Runiccles.

An arrangement of this poem in song was incorporated into the work and woven further. The concert ends with a monologue of the solo violin, in which more and more tutti violins gradually tune in and then leave the soloist again. The composer thus expressly references Alban Berg’s Violin Concerto, in which something similar happens. In the middle movements there are some passages in which one believes that the violin becomes pieces of kindling. No harm is done to it. But, such abysses! What wonderful lines! What a force in the orchestral sound and in it flashing, roaring, whispering, the violin! I am delighted that this work is also dedicated to me.