Violin Concerto Schoenberg and Urbanner



ab 6.5.2022 im Vertrieb von NAXOS

Arnold-Schoenberg-Institute Vienna:

You will recognize the gestures of Schoenberg’s “A Survivor from Warsaw”, in which a speaker with an all-male choir and an orchestra reproduces the report of a man who successfully escaped the Warsaw ghetto via the canal system. I immediately made my decision to play this Violin Concerto after being shaken by a radio broadcast of this cantata.

The photo in the booklet shows me in Boston with Louis Krasner, the legendary violinist who commissioned Alban Berg’s Violin Concerto, which, like the Schoenberg concerto, he accompanied during its composition process and premiered. His great appreciation of this recording and the one of Berg’s concerto means a lot to me.

To Urbanner: I am particularly pleased that this CD also includes the Concerto which Urbanner dedicated to me, and that the interpretations so smoothly welded together by the personality of the conductor and the unity of the orchestra. My answer to the question of how (and why) I played both concertos from memory is simple: “By heart”.

For details on the works and feedback see the Booklet

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